We recently were cc:d on the below email one mom had sent to her friends.

I’ve really got nothing to add to what she writes, below…except to say that I remember when my own kids were little and would always want to sing-along in the car with these songs.  In the house, our little songbird, Clara, would be busily cleaning something and singing on her own (and sometimes other little girls would join in).  Now she’s a whitewater rafting guide and finished with her 3rd year of college! We rarely hear her sweet voice around the house nowadays (sniff!).

Here’s Jody’s email (and thank you for copying us on it, too):

“I have been feeling compelled lately to tell my Catholic parent friends (and grandparents, relatives, etc.) about a wonderful children’s Catholic resource. I know I have written before about the Holy Heroes company that our family loves so much. They have really been such a blessing to our family. They are a trustworthy and fully Orthodox company run by an Orthodox Catholic family. 

Today I want to tell you about some music CDs that we purchased from Holy Heroes. They are uniquely Catholic songs for children. I have them in the car and my children listen to them every day!  They love them so much! These songs are full of Catholic Catechesis. My children are learning so many wonderful truths of our faith just during car rides through singing!  If your children or young relatives enjoy singing or listening to music, I really recommend these with all my heart.  Please take a few minutes and look through the content I have written below.

The first CD is only songs. It’s better than the other for the younger children: These are such fantastic songs!  

  1. “My only desire to be a saint!” – teaches about the communion of saints.
  1. “Trust in the Lord” – obvious
  1. “Prayer song” – teaches intercessory prayer for our pope, priests, nuns, dad, mom, siblings and friends, all the weak, those who don’t know the way, thanksgiving, and for us to never stray. It is a beautiful prayer even my 2 yr. old can sing. 
  1. “Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity” –  “Jesus I come to visit you in your home, I bend my right knee, and bow to your throne, quietly I kneel, I whisper “I love you so”, my eyes cannot see, but my heart truly knows.” Teaches adoration of the True Presence in all the Tabernacles of the world. 
  1. “Jesus, Mary, Joseph” – “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you. Make my family holy in all we do. Jesus, Mary, Joseph I love you. Make my family holy just like you.”  Teaches us to model the Holy Family. 
  1. The Angelus – The recited Angelus with sung “Ave”s between verses. 
  1. “Bread of Angels” – “Bread of Angels comes to me, humble, patient, Purity. Longs to make my heart His throne, may He find a welcome home; room for Jesus Christ alone.”   Teaches proper disposition to receive Christ in the Eucharist. 
  1.  “Listen Children” – “Oh how He loves His little children! How he loves his precious ones! Meek and lowly, pure and simple. Oh, thank the father little ones.”  Teaches Christ’s love for little children. 
  1. “Oh my Jesus” – “I’m most sorry. I have hurt you… I detest all my sins because of punishment oh Lord, but most of all because I have offended you my God.”…  “You are all good my God, and you deserve all my love. With the help of Your grace I now resolve to sin no more.”   Walks children through an act of contrition.
  1. “Sweet Mary” – “Seat of Wisdom, Cause of Our Joy, oh how we adore your baby boy!  Mystical Rose, and Bright Morning Star, your love and your help are never far.”   Teaches that Mary always leads us to Christ. Honors many of her titles. (This is my children’s very favorite. Even the two year old belts it out with all her might!)

The second CD: “Sweet Mary – Songs of the Holy Family and the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

This is a bit more advanced but is great for my 5 year old and older, I’d say. It goes through each of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Each sorrow is followed by a corresponding bible verse, then a short reflection, then a song. For example: 

The second Sorrow of Blessed Mother – Mary fleas into Egypt with Jesus and Joseph. They read the Gospel passage. Reflection: “Dearest Jesus, how wonderful it was for you to have St. Joseph there to protect you and take care of you when you were a boy.  I pray for my dad, and I ask St. Joseph to protect and guide him in a special way too. I pray for all the fathers in the world to be good and holy. And Jesus, I thank God the father in heaven who is Your father and my father for all the good things He gives me.” 

Followed by a song about St. Joseph. – “Dear humble husband of Mary so dear, St. Joseph, good Joseph my prayer please now hear. You guided and guarded sweet Jesus each day, provided, protected you always did pray. In the carpenter shop you worked by side-by-side. To you all the love in His heart did confide. Oh strong, gentle Joseph patient and kind, help me to love God with my whole heart and mind.  Dear humble husband of Mary so dear, St. Joseph, good Joseph, my prayer please now hear.”

Sorry this was so long!  Please feel free to share to anyone with young children!  And please, if you have any good Catholic resources, share them!!!

God Bless!


Here’s the link to click to buy them both as a set (and save that way)!


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Kerri is the co-founder of Holy Heroes and the creator of the “Adventures” they offer free online. She has graduate degrees in history and law. She now homeschools the five children still at home (having successfully sent the three oldest children off to college).