Do I have your attention now? Who doesn’t like free?

Many people know about our online “Adventures,” like Advent and Lenten Adventure, or our weekly Mass Prep materials at (If you did NOT know about those–hop over there and register your email!).

But did you know that Holy Heroes also offers many other “freebies”? Well, we do!

Today I am going to let you into all the little secrets of getting those little extras at no extra cost. We get emails all the time from moms looking to save a dollar and so I thought I would put all of my Holy Heroes Money Saving Tips in one easy to find spot. Please be sure to share this post with your friends and family so that they can take advantage of the many ways of saving as well!

Before we start with the HOW to get Holy Heroes for free, let’s start with the why. WHY and HOW does Holy Heroes offers so many things for FREE? 

It’s really quite simple. The motto of Holy Heroes is: Helping you bring the joy of the faith to your family

For the Davisons, the creators of Holy Heroes, our work is more than just a small family business. It is a mission. It is our specific answer to the call that we all received when we became members of Christ’s family: To go out and make disciples, baptizing and teaching them! While we are not going to show up and baptize your kids for you (although one Davison daughter did do just that in the neighbor’s backyard when she was 7… but that’s a — really amazing — story for another time!) we can help to teach your kids about the great joy of being a baptized Catholic Christian. We love bringing the joy of the saints to life in our Glory Stories, we are honored that we teach children to pray the Rosary with our CDs and coloring books, and we are thrilled that we are able to help families all over the world celebrate the richness of the liturgical seasons!

For us, Holy Heroes is a mission and a calling, and every time you purchase Holy Heroes Products you are participating in that mission. You are helping to bring the joy of the faith not only to your family but to thousands of others!

Thank you for being a part of our mission! 


Now — onto the Freebies!!

1.  Advent Adventure is LOADED with free stuff day by day

First of all right now, through our Advent Adventure, over 33,000 34,000 35,000 families (as of last night…still growing) are truly celebrating the Season of Advent and preparing their hearts for the birth of Christ! Coloring, mazes, crosswords, word searches, cryptograms–lots o’ stuff.

advent-adventure-125x125While the monetary cost for providing this service is expensive, the reward is great! Every day we receive emails and reviews from families thanking us for helping to teach their children about the joy of the the faith. Seeing the impact our products have on children and parents everywhere confirms that all of the hard work, time, and money is worth it! You can check out this post to see some pictures of kids participating in Advent Adventure

It’s not to late to sign up for Advent Adventure (you can always go back to previous days to see what you missed). Click HERE to sign up for daily emails with videos and activities that help prepare your family for Christmas! 

IDEA: to save on your printer ink and to help support Advent Adventure, you can also purchase an Advent Adventure Activity book HERE 


2. Glory Stories–get a freebie (or a bunch of ’em for your friends)

Did you know that you can get two complete Glory Stories for FREE? That’s right, our sample CD has two COMPLETE stories, St. Juan Diego & Our Lady of Guadalupe , and Blessed Imelda. The Glory Stories are audio products, not videos – so they engage a child’s imagination in a way plunking them in front of a big screen simply does not.

Each Glory Stories saint story teaches the Catholic Faith through the true-life story of a Saint or Blessed – children and adults – who provides an example for us to follow as we strive here on earth know, love, and serve God, so we can be with Him forever in Heaven. All you have to do is CLICK HERE, put this CD in your card and check out. You only pay shipping! The Feast Days of both St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe are just around the corner!

HEY-HEY-HEY–here’s another BIG IDEA: We also offer this CD in a 10 pack for less than $3 per CD! It makes for a great party favor, Faith Formation Class gift, or you just a great thing to give away and help spread the word about these CDs. Usually 10 Glory CD’s would cost $150, but you can get this ten pack for just $29.95. This is like getting 8 Glory Stories CDs for free!

We ask that each family only order one free CD.

3. FREE SHIPPING (for awhile…)

 Did you know that right now (for a limited time) we are offering FREE shipping (to United States addresses) on qualifying orders? What a great time to order your free CD!! All orders over $75 in the US and APO receive free shipping! Head on over to Holy Heroes and finish up that Christmas Shopping! Keep reading to see how you can pile on the free items as you hit that $75 free shipping mark!

 NOTEY-NOTE-NOTE: We ALWAYS refund shipping for military overseas when we spot the APO/FPO address.  Thank you for your service protecting our freedoms!  (Please–just add a note to ensure that we don’t miss the refund in the hullaballoo of Christmas orders!)

4. FREE Holy Card

Everyone loves the story of St. Kateri. Her Glory Story comes with an amazing interview with the boy (and his mom!) who was miraculously cured through her intercession. This was the Miracle that paved the way to Kateri’s sainthood. When you purchase this Glory Story you get her Holy Card for free!

5.  But wait! There’s MORE!

How about a free coloring book? The coloring books are one of my favorite items we sell. They are so cute and full of Scripture! Right now when you purchase the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary on CD you get the coloring book free! HERE is the link for that.

These Rosary CD’s are beautifully done. Kids love to listen to them because children lead the rosary and read Scripture between each Hail Mary. The voice is different for each Hail Mary, so kids stay engaged and really learn to meditate on the mystery.

6.  FREE Rosary CD (or two…)

Not only can you get a coloring book for free, but you can get a Rosary CD for free too!

My Favorite Glory Story is Secrets From Heaven, The Children of Fatima. When you purchase this CD you can pick a Rosary CD for Free!OR if you would rather your can get all four Rosary CDs for the price of two! That’s two free CD’s when you get the Glory Story and the complete 4-CD Rosary Set!


6.  Free Mass Prep –every week at  (Just register with your email address.)

7.  Free Jesse Tree Ornament Downloads –print ’em off and get to work.  Also includes the “O Antiphons.”

8.  Free “Best-Loved Catholic Prayers & Prayers of the Mass” Download

So there you have it. You can load up on the freebies and during our free shipping promotion the deals couldn’t be any sweeter!


In addition to these free items we offer bulk discounts on most of our products and those are deals that you can’t beat.

Coming in the Spring we will have our Lenten Adventure as well! Until then you can enjoy these free downloads!

 I hope this post helps you in your quest for great products and fantastic deals! Thank you for your business and for participating in our mission to Bring the joy of the faith to families everywhere!

May the blessings of Advent fill your home with peace and joy!

Jenny Ryan


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Jenny Ryan can be found regularly over at  She is the mother of five, holds a Bachelors Degree in Theology, and wrote the Catholic children's book, "Love With All My Might."