It’s the Feast of the Guardian Angels today!

One of the kids pulled this book out over the weekend which has this delightful tune to accompany the timeless prayer. Lillian recorded it on the piano for you to teach your kids.

Then, as three of them began to page through the book, it reminded me of how sweet it was to read the entire series of them to my little children.

How mesmerized they were with the pictures and the Catholic stories of saints and angels and happy families.

Just look at some examples in just the pages of this first book!

Book 1 begins the story of Saint Therese the Little Flower, telling about her family and real-life incidents from her childhood that inspired her “Little Way to Heaven.”

There is also a very fun (and funny!) story about Wupsy the Guardian Angel helping protect a little boy in an African village. Colorful pictures to illustrate what is happening to the missionaries and their mishaps as they share the faith (and provide medical care–this little boy is quite a character!).

Both of these stories continue throughout several of the books. Other books have the story of the Child Jesus (great for reading during Advent!) and other “serialized” stories that are told in chunks just right for little attention spans.

The story of Therese is especially attractive to children–from her babyhood through her life in the Carmel as a nun. I remember Ken’s father (who died on this date, on the Feast of the Guardian Angels) being made to read the whole story to Anna when she was told he had time only to read “just one book”…but how can you stop in the middle of the story, Grandpa?

The poems and games always made our children laugh (and they would play the games, too!).

Oh: and for the “pre-readers” they have these stories with pictures replacing words (see above) so I could run my finger below the line as I was reading and pause to let a child say the word for the pictures–just like “reading,” too! (It really did help me teach them to read later!)

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