your kids eating vegetables…

helping prep for dinner…

and making breakfast for you while you sip your coffee (!)

BUT–Here’s the catch, Mom:

Working with food encourages kids to try new things,

but fruits and vegetables almost always require knives…

Does the idea of letting your kids use knives make you squeamish?  It did me!!!

Here’s the solution that worked for us (my little girls absolutely LOVED it!)

and gave me peace of mind:

Let a trained cooking teacher

bring knife skills and safety to your children

in the comfort of your own home.

NOW–for a limited time only!–here’s your FREE chance to do what we did.

For two weeks only, you can get 3 free classes from the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. Watch one with your kids like a regular class and polish your own skills with the other two (they’re just for adults). 

What you’ll learn in these short videos:

  • Basic knife skills and techniques for kids ages two to teen
  • Mastery of the three safe ways to hold food while cutting
  • How child development impacts your child’s readiness to learn new skills
  • The #1 mistake that destroys your chance of enjoying time in the kitchen with your kids
  • A tested 3-step process for teaching kids in the kitchen so young cooks learn basic skills the right way

NOTE–NOTE–NOTE: These courses are FREE **only** until Nov 2, so sign up now and plan some time to work with your kids in the kitchen! You’ll be amazed at what they can do! 

The 3 videos are:

  1. Knife Skills Training for Kids
  2. Adult Tips: Challenges You Might Encounter
  3. The Biggest Mistake Parents Make

Get the 3 free videos here

Watch this short video for more information then click the button above to get your free videos:

PS In case you are wondering, the cute chef hats are coming back “by popular demand” and should be in stock again soon.  Get yourself on the waiting list for them by clicking here.

PPS Here’s a great trick to cut onions with NO TEARS–really!  Kids might think it’s silly, but it works! Just check it out here.

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Kerri is the co-founder of Holy Heroes and the creator of the “Adventures” they offer free online. She has graduate degrees in history and law. She now homeschools the five children still at home (having successfully sent the three oldest children off to college).