So many moms asked us to bring back our Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure in which my-kids-teach-your-kids in the totally Catholic VBS!  

So: we DID!  

It’s a completely Catholic VBS which you can do in your backyard at your own pace–over a single week or space it out throughout the summer!  It is completely FREE online here with everything you need.

A great idea from other moms:

Get your neighbors over and have the teenagers run it for the little kids while the moms chat and relax.  Everyone will love it (and they will learn about their Catholic Faith in an unforgettable way).

HERE IT IS: completely online with everything you need


save your printer by purchasing the Deluxe Leader’s Package or Basic Leader’s Package.  

You can also get every child an inexpensive  activity book (it includes a gorgeous full-color center pullout for the prayer book craft on Day #3 which is better than your printer will ever be able to make).

It’s foolproof: just watch the video lessons (they are short and feature my kids explaining everything), pray with us in the audio prayers, then do the activities.

Yes: Clara is in the kitchen showing how to make an easy snack, too.  (The snack: That’s the best part of any VBS!)


Here’s what your children learn in Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure:

  • The Old Testament Kingdom of David — how it helps us understand the “New Kingdom of David” which Jesus rules over today!
  • The Sacraments — “then” (when they were instituted by Jesus) and “now” (when we celebrate them in the Church)!
  • The roles Jesus gives to different people in His Kingdom — His Blessed Mother, the saints in Heaven, the Pope, bishops and priests, me and you!
  • How we got the Bible — who wrote it, who preserved it, and how we use it in the Church!
  • How to pray the rosary — and meditate on the Scripture associated with each mystery!
  • Great daily prayers — for children of all ages to pray in the home!
  • Daily online quizzes — to see what you’ve learned at 3 levels of difficulty:
    • bronze-level for the youngest ones,
    • silver-level for the fast-learners, and
    • gold-level to challenge even the oldest.

And lots, lots more — joyful catechesis for children of all ages!

NOTE: Although everything is available free on the daily webpages, you might find it easier for your family to have pre-printed book versions of the activities as well as a DVD and CD of the videos and music.

HINT: Might make it even easier on your time (and your printer).

You can find these items here. Most are also on sale right now.

And, again, HERE’S the LINK to go to everything completely free online:

God Bless!


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Kerri is the co-founder of Holy Heroes and the creator of the “Adventures” they offer free online. She has graduate degrees in history and law. She now homeschools the five children still at home (having successfully sent the three oldest children off to college).