I have a 4 short videos with details from our visit to FATIMA–and all the sites of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Angel 100 years ago!

First and very important: you can get a Plenary Indulgence this year THREE different ways for the 100th anniversary of Fatima! Visiting Fatima is one way (hooray!), but there are TWO OTHER WAYS you can get it without leaving your hometown.  Please get our pamphlet explaining everything>>click here (sold in 5-packs very inexpensively so you can get enough for your school, your parish, all your friends).

Here’s a map of where everything happened.  The children lived in Aljustrel (we visited their homes–see the video), but they took the sheep to different places to graze, and the Blessed Mother appeared usually in the Cova de Iria, but in August she appeared in another location (picture above).  Map shows all the places.

NOTE: These little kids were TOUGH!  It is a loooong walk from their home to the Cova!

Here’s a picture of the Chapel of the Apparitions (in the Cova de Iria) and the big tree is the holmoak tree!  This is where most of the visits from the Blessed Mother happened.

See the picture of the Fatima children on the right?  In many of the pictures of them, you will see from the wall behind them that they are standing in front of the Marto home!  (I’ve put in a picture of their home down below.) Wow!  What a blessing to be able to visit the home where two saints actually lived!

Here’s Lucia’s home on the right.  After the August apparition, Jacinta tore off the branch of the tree upon which the Blessed Mother had stood while she spoke to them, and she ran back to Lucia’s home and gave the branch to Lucia’s mother to prove that what they were saying was true.  The branch gave off a beautiful scent that was not natural to the plant–guess you could say it was “Heaven-scent” (!).

Here’s a picture of Francisco and Jacinta’s home.

Sorry this is so rushed, but we will post more things from our visit for the September episode of our “mini-Adventure” for the 100th Anniversary of Fatima which has a lot of information and activities (including our “Saint Smarts” quizzes) for children of every age.  You can click the banner below to reach HolyHeroes.com/Fatima100 to see what we have up right now for the August apparitions.

We have a LOT of things to help you teach children (and adults!) about the Fatima story.  You can browse all of them>>click here.  We also put up buttons (below) that you can click to see some of the most popular items like the big coloring download and the 100th anniversary Fatima Family Handbook.

ENJOY and may God bless you!


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Fatima Family Handbook – new from Holy Heroes

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